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From healthcare to government, retail to commercial, education to industrial – WESCO Lighting’s experience and expertise stretches across all key industry sectors and a wide range of project categories. The projects below show why so many of the nation’s leading businesses and organizations select WESCO Lighting as their partner.

PRoject Thumbnail - California Bay Area School District

This multi-phase lighting retrofit project included interior and exterior lighting solutions for 25 schools, including upgrades to LED fixtures and installing local controls to maximize energy savings.

PRoject Thumbnail - One of Canada's Top 10 Largest Banks

WESCO Lighting initially audited 1,080 locations within a two-month timeframe and has completed lighting upgrades at 769 locations.

PRoject Thumbnail - H-E-B Grocery Store Chain

For over 25 years, H-E-B and WESCO Lighting have saved energy, reduced maintenance expenses and enabled the business to operate more efficiently.

PRoject Thumbnail - National Drug Store Chain

One of the largest and fastest growing retailers in the world launched a new energy-savings initiative. To meet the project’s enormous scale, they turned to WESCO Lighting.

PRoject Thumbnail - Global Package Shipping Company

WESCO Lighting has completed lighting upgrades at over 120 locations nationwide resulting in typical lighting cost reductions of over 50% and generating savings in excess of $10,000,000.

PRoject Thumbnail - Pennsylvania Convention Center

WESCO Lighting significantly improved the light quality and distribution throughout the hall, as well as meeting energy reduction goals.

PRoject Thumbnail - Ryerson Steel

Ryerson Steel selected WESCO Lighting to provide a turnkey lighting solution that increased energy conservation and safety at one of its over 100 locations.

PRoject Thumbnail - Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

WESCO’s lighting experts improved the working environment and significantly reduced energy use and costs.

PRoject Thumbnail - West Conshohocken Street Lighting

The lighting upgrade from WESCO Lighting offered improved visibility on the road and increased the sense of safety on residential sidewalks.